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Wondrous Journeys

Experience the best China can offer with inimitable experiences, including specially crafted excursions and spectacular sights that will enchant even the most intrepid traveler.


Amazing Journeys

Choose from a myriad of exotic itineraries in Southeast Asia and Japan that will satisfy your quest for unique and amazing cultural adventures that are beyond any expectations.

Dubai & India

Exotic Journeys

Visit this fascinating land with thousands of years of history, and prepare to be pampered by ancient traditions, sights and natural landscapes, juxtaposed with modern progress.

Africa & Middle East

Natural Journeys

Let your spirit of adventure run wild on an exciting safari experience in Kenya and South Africa. Marvel at some of the world’s oldest sights on an odyssey through Israel and Jordan.


Historic Journeys

Rediscover the dazzling legends of royal dynasties, revolutions, and traditions in the rich and culturally diverse continent, and venture through historic towns and popular cities that still possess charming appeal.

Latin America

Intrepid Journeys

Discover breathtaking sights, wonderful cultures, warm hospitality, and unending romance languages down in the Southern Hemisphere that are sure to make one want to linger and long for more.