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   03/14/2014 Ritz Tours Lucky Draw Winner: David L. Eng, Aliso Viejo, CA

 March 15, 2014, Alhambra, CA The 2014 Ritz Tours Lucky Draw drew almost 900 entries .... more

   01/27/2014 Happy New Year Of The Horse

  HAPPY NEW YEAR! .... more

   11/11/2013 Veterans Day Price Roll Back For Those Who Served & More!

Here Is A Price Roll Back In Honor Of Veterans Of Our Great Country! For Veterans and All: .... more
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Turpan is known for its grapes, grown mainly for raisins but also for wine. The area around this city is the second lowest point on the planet, making this region very dry and hot. For 2000 years, the residents have relied on the Karez underground irrigation system for water to counter the drought and heat of this place.


Flaming Mountains

There is no place in China that is hotter than the Flaming Mountains, a barren red sandstone range whose trenches make it seem like the mountains are on fire during certain times of the day.

Grape Valley

You can find this oasis filled with juicy sweet green grapes and is nicknamed “Green Pearl City”

Bizaklik Thousand Buddha Caves

Once an important Buddhist site with many caves covered with brightly painted murals, the Bizaklik Caves were vandalized and robbed over the years.

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