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Hong Kong

Enliven your senses with a trip to the booming metropolis of Hong Kong. Once a sleepy fishing village, it is now a gateway between East and West, where ancient traditions exist in an ultramodern city. Here, visitors can marvel at the dazzling views afforded from Victoria Peak, sample some of Asia’s finest cuisine and visit the open-air Stanley Market. 7

Hong Kong

Repulse Bay

This crescent-shaped stretch of sand is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong. Once the former site of Hong Kong s famous Repulse Bay Hotel (1920-1982), it is now an upscale residential community with a relaxed, resort-like atmosphere. The wide, wave-lapped beach is popular with both locals and visitors alike.

Aberdeen Floating Community

Aberdeen harbour is home to hundreds of people living on fishing junks. Their traditional lifestyle is dramatically juxtaposed against a modern high-rise community spread over the nearby hillsides. In the evening, the thousands of twinkling lights reflected on the water are a magical sight.

Repulse Bay

This crescent-shaped stretch of sand is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong. Once the former site of Hong Kong s famous Repulse Bay Hotel (1920-1982), it is now an upscale residential community with a relaxed, resort-like atmosphere. The wide, wave-lapped beach is popular with both locals and visitors alike.

Lantau Island

This island is twice as big as Hong Kong and is a nice escape from the big city. Come to go hiking and fishing, or visit Hong Kong Disneyland.


Macau is a popular excursion from Hong Kong, offering good food, old-world charm and a multi-casino gambling industry that already outstrips Las Vegas. The former Portuguese enclave, which consists of a mainland peninsula and two offshore islands, was reverted to Chinese sovereignty in December 1999 after 400 years of colonial administration.Like Hong Kong, Macau is a diverse city where Eastern and Western cultures co-exist harmoniously.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak, one of Hong Kong s most famous scenic spots, offers breathtaking views of Hong Kong s skyline, Kowloon, and Victoria Harbour. The Peak, as locals call it, is located on a mountaintop and is reachable by the Peak Tram.

Stanley Market

A popular market town on the sunny south side of Hong Kong Island, Stanley s relaxed ambience, crisp sea environment, and bargain buys make it a hotspot for tourists and locals alike. Seven days a week, the open market around Stanley New Street and Stanley Market Road throbs with the passing parade of life, as bargain-hunters from around the world join in the fun of haggling with shopkeepers.

Nathan Road

One can find many shops selling electronics and gadgest at this popular tourist shopping street.

Based on your interest, we suggest the following tour packages which will provide you with the greatest enjoyment

Exotic Asia 12 Days 10 Nights(2015)[RAB]

  • Tour Code:RAB        Date:07/12/2015 ~ 12/06/2015
  • Price From:$2299.00 Land Only

Journey to the prominent capitals of Asia - Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong and more! These uniquely wonderful cities, known for their vibrant cosmopolitan centeres, are characterized as the "emerging tigers" of Asia. From Bangkok to Hong Kong, you will experience the diverse cultures and traditions held within each region, town, and city. Undeniably the most expansive and inclusive tour of Asia.

Visiting: Bangkok(3 nts) - Ayutthaya - Bangkok(1 nts) - Singapore City(2 nts) - Malacca - Kuala Lumpur(2 nts) - Hong Kong(2 nts) 

Hong Kong Extension 3 Days 2 Nights(2015)[HKG EXT ]

  • Tour Code:HKG EXT         Date:05/01/2015 ~ 03/31/2016
  • Price From:$300.00 Land Only

Whereas the rest of the group goes home, our adventure continues to Hong Kong, “Asia’s World City.” A dynamic and cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong possesses the perfect blend of East and West. Look no further than its famous skyline to recognize that Hong Kong is unlike any other city in Asia.

Visiting: Hong Kong(2 nts) 

China Discovery & Hong Kong 12 Days 10 Nights(2015)[RDXH]

  • Tour Code:RDXH        Date:07/03/2015 ~ 11/06/2015
  • Price From:$2299.00 Land Only

Go beyond the ordinary with this spectacular journey to the undisputed capitals of the Far East that include Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Admire the passage of time through Beijing's  stunning World Heritage Sites, reflect upon the lives of those under the First Emperor in ancient Xian; uncover the remnants of European influences in cosmopolitan Shanghai; and experience the unrestrained lifestyles of Hong Kong.

Visiting: Beijing(3 nts) - Xian(2 nts) - Shanghai(3 nts) - Hong Kong(2 nts) 

Yangtze Essence & Hong Kong 14 Days 12 Nights(2015)[RDVH]

  • Tour Code:RDVH        Date:07/08/2015 ~ 11/04/2015
  • Price From:$2899.00 Land Only

Be invigorated by this pinnacle voyage that stimulates and rekindles your appreciation for adventure. Escape to China in style and venture through an array of cultural sights and attractions in Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Get ready to be awed by the magnificent cruise along the legendary Yangtze River as this journey will enrich you with more than a traveler’s tale.

Visiting: Beijing(3 nts) - Xian(2 nts) - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise(3 nts) - Yichang - Shanghai(2 nts) - Hong Kong(2 nts) 

China Scenic & Hong Kong 14 Days 12 Nights(2015)[RDZH]

  • Tour Code:RDZH        Date:07/03/2015 ~ 11/06/2015
  • Price From:$2699.00 Land Only

Experience front-row seats to China's most extraordinary cities and let your senses run wild as you travel in style and comfort. A journey well-tailored for even the most intrepid voyager, this scenic tour will take you through unique cultural sites, legendary relics and monuments, and it will make your dream a reality as you discover the astounding landscapes and skylines of this diverse nation.

Visiting: Beijing(3 nts) - Xian(2 nts) - Guilin(1 nts) - Yangshuo - Guilin(1 nts) - Shanghai(3 nts) - Hong Kong(2 nts) 


  • Tour Code:HKG PKG        Date:05/01/2015 ~ 03/31/2016
  • Price From:$300.00 Land Only

A city of dazzling contrasts that blends Chinese and European traditions, Hong Kong is vibrant in culture and rich in style. Visitors to this “Pearl of the Orient” will experience breathtaking views from Victoria Peak, the uniqueness of Aberdeen’s Floating Community, and the offerings at Stanley Market. Must-do activities include exploring Hong Kong’s popular shopping areas and sampling savory and eclectic cuisine.

Visiting: Hong Kong(2 nts)