One of China’s seven major ancient capitals, Hangzhou is a famous historical and cultural city. An inspiration for many artists, the city and its West Lake are well known for its beautiful scenery.


West Lake

Take a ferry to the islands and enjoy a stroll around this large lake to the various scenic spots it offeres.

Linying Temple

This “Temple of the Soul s Retreat” is a sacred Buddhist site, one of the 10 major temples of the Chan Sect of Chinese Buddhism.

Longjing (Dragon Well) Tea Fields

There are many tea fields to visit, especially during the harvest period (usually from March until May), where you can see people working in the field and you can purchase the best quality tea.

Based on your interest, we suggest the following tour packages which will provide you with the greatest enjoyment

Hangzhou City Package (2016)[HGH PKG]

  • Tour Code:HGH PKG        Date:12/01/2016 ~ 12/31/2016       Price From: $450 tax

 A city once regarded by Marco Polo as "the most splendid and luxurious city in the world," Hangzhou has many wonderous sights and experiences to explore. Countless poets have praised this city since ancient times for its beauty and wildlife. Without a doubt, its UNESCO World Heritage Site, the West Lake is a must-se destination. Traditional temples and pagodas linked with many romantic fables, its uniquely famous culinary cuisine, and the many friendly people makes a stay in Hangzhou a pleasure indeed.

Visiting: Hangzhou(2 nts) 

China Charm 8 Nights 10 Days(2017)[RDC]

  • Tour Code:RDC        Date:03/15/2017 ~ 12/06/2017       Price From: $1599

A fantastic 10-day journey that showcases the cultural charm and sights of China's key cities of Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi and Shanghai. Marvel at the impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Beijing, admire the beauty of Hangzhou, stroll through the tranquility of the classical garden in Suzhou, and mingle among friendly locals in the Shanghai metropolis. All these and more make this vacation the most memorable ever.

Visiting: Beijing(3 nts) - Shanghai - Hangzhou(2 nts) - Suzhou - Wuxi(1 nt) - Shanghai(2 nts)