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A popular resort on the North Gulf Coast of Eastern Thailand, Pattaya is renowned for its nightlife and various day activities.


Buddha Hill

At the top of on of the highest points in Pattaya sits the biggest Buddha statue in the city with an area nearby dedicated to Confucius.

Pattaya Beach

This beach runs along the city center and is a vibrant area, especially at night. Walking Street, the road that runs alongside it, is packed with bars, shops, restaurants, and clubs.

Ko Laan (Coral Island)

One of several small islands closeby, Ko Laan offers several beaches known for their clear water, white sands, and atmosphere.

Based on your interest, we suggest the following tour packages which will provide you with the greatest enjoyment

BANGKOK & PATTAYA 7 Days 5 Nights(2016)[RAB]

  • Tour Code:RAB        Date:02/18/2016 ~ 12/08/2016
  • Price From:$1000.00 Land Only
Visiting: Bangkok(3 nts) - Pattaya(2 nts) 

BANGKOK, PATTAYA & CHIANG MAI 10 Days 8 Nights(2016)[RAM]

  • Tour Code:RAM        Date:02/18/2016 ~ 12/08/2016
  • Price From:$1600.00 Land Only
Visiting: Bangkok(3 nts) - Pattaya(2 nts) - Chiang Mai(3 nts) 

BANGKOK, PATTAYA & ANGKOR 10 Days 8 Nights(2016)[RAF]

  • Tour Code:RAF        Date:02/18/2016 ~ 12/08/2016
  • Price From:$2000.00 Land Only
Visiting: Bangkok(3 nts) - Pattaya(2 nts) - Siem Reap(3 nts) 

BANGKOK, PATTAYA & YANGON 10 Days 8 Nights(2016)[RAR]

  • Tour Code:RAR        Date:02/18/2016 ~ 12/08/2016
  • Price From:$2000.00 Land Only
Visiting: Bangkok(3 nts) - Pattaya(2 nts) - Yangon(3 nts)