Venice Information and Travel Tips to Plan your Venice Vacation


Venice is one of world's most marvelous cities, with 1400 years of extraordinary history and a charm that’s hard to resist. Nicknamed "La Serenissima" (the most serene) and built entirely on water, this magical city captures the true essence of Italy. Its landmarks contain an eclectic blend of multicultural influences and include the marble Bridge of Sighs and the city's gem, St. Mark's Basilica. For a true Venetian experience, opt for a charming gondola ride through the mesmerizing Grand Canal. Some of Milan's most impressive facades line the length of the canal, evoking the most romantic visions of Venice.


St. Mark s Basilica

One of Venice s greatest monuments, the Basilica of San Marco was built over several centuries and was embellished with treasures from around the world. The church s fa?ade is a Gothic masterpiece and rich work of artists and craftsmen from all over.

Bridge of Sighs

Built in the beginning of the 17th century, the Bridge of Sighs to connect the Old Prisons in the Doge s Palace and the New Prisons beyond the Palazzo River. The name derives from the legend that one could here the sighs of the condemned as they were taken to the prison.

St. Mark s Square

This waterside piazzetta (public square) is among the loveliest in the world. Each day, dozens of pigeons and people alike flock to the square, filled with a constant bustle of cafes, waiters and visitors. Enjoy beautiful views from the Bell Tower or admire the piazzetta s two columns which bear emblems of Venice s patron saints.

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Visiting: LONDON(2 nts) - PARIS(2 nts) - LUCERNE(1 nt) - MILAN(1 nt) - VERONA - VENICE(1 nt) - MONTECATINI(1 nt) - PISA - FLORENCE - ROME(2 nts) 

Highlights of Italy 8 days 7 nights[REI]

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Fall in love with the romance and ravishing beauty of Italy, one of Europe’s most magical lands, on our 8-day Highlights of Italy vacation experience. Your journey takes youon a wonderful route around the most alluring cities and sights, from the “Eternal City” of Rome to enchanting Venice and the stunning Italian Lakes. Toss a coin in Rome’s Trevi Fountain, admire the Renaissance beauty of Florence, discover sparkling Lake Como and more.
Visiting: ROME(2 nts) - ASSISI - SIENA - FLORENCE(2 nts) - PADUA - VENICE(2 nts) - VERONA - SIRMIONE - LAKE COMO - MILAN(1 nt)