Rome Information and Travel Tips to Plan your Rome Vacation


The "Eternal City" of Rome is unlike any other. A veritable treasure trove of architectural and artistic masterpieces, Rome is a vivid metropolis harboring the glories of empires past. All at once captivating, historic, timeless, romantic and monumental, Rome boasts more treasures than Florence or Venice. Visitors to this ancient city can visit the unforgettable Colosseum and stroll amongst the silent ruins of the Roman Forum. Rome is a place where you can take life at a slower pace, sip an espresso in an outdoor cafe, people watch, and enjoy life as the Romans do.


Roman Forum

The Roman Forum was once the political, commercial and religious center of Rome until the 4th century AD. Today it is scattered with enduring ruins of stone temples and fallen columns, a snapshot into the rich tapestry of ancient Rome.

Spanish Steps

The Piazza di Spagna is one of the most famous images in the world, with its signature butterfly plan. It is one of the most splendid urban monuments of the city of Roman Baroque style.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is Rome s largest and most famous fountain, located between the palaces in the heart of the city. It has an impressive design, with water cascading down a trio of rocks and ledges and adorned with statues of Neptune, chariots and sea-horses.


Rome s most fascinating monument, the Colosseum remains an architectural and engineering wonder of ancient Rome. At its peak, the Colosseum could seat 50,000 spectators, who would come to watch battles between gladiators.

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Gems of Europe 12 Days 10 Nights[REF]

  • Tour Code: REF          Date: 06/06/2018 ~ 11/28/2018       Price From: $2300 Land Only
Our Gems of Europe vacation takes in many of the showpieces of the Old World in one memorable itinerary. Discover the continent’s historical cities and wonders, from the elegant boulevards and sights of Paris to the buzz of historic London, the captivating charms of Lucerne and the glories of Florence and Rome. Our sightseeing programs take you deep into the heart of each city, showcasing the main sights while also letting you experience their culture, cuisine and way of life.
Visiting: LONDON(2 nts) - PARIS(2 nts) - LUCERNE(1 nt) - MILAN(1 nt) - VERONA - VENICE(1 nt) - MONTECATINI(1 nt) - PISA - FLORENCE - ROME(2 nts) 

Highlights of Italy 8 days 7 nights[REI]

  • Tour Code: REI          Date: 05/26/2018 ~ 10/20/2018       Price From: $1750 Land Only
Fall in love with the romance and ravishing beauty of Italy, one of Europe’s most magical lands, on our 8-day Highlights of Italy vacation experience. Your journey takes youon a wonderful route around the most alluring cities and sights, from the “Eternal City” of Rome to enchanting Venice and the stunning Italian Lakes. Toss a coin in Rome’s Trevi Fountain, admire the Renaissance beauty of Florence, discover sparkling Lake Como and more.
Visiting: ROME(2 nts) - ASSISI - SIENA - FLORENCE(2 nts) - PADUA - VENICE(2 nts) - VERONA - SIRMIONE - LAKE COMO - MILAN(1 nt)