Jhansi Information and Travel Tips to Plan your Jhansi Vacation


Jhansi does not have much to offer in terms of tourism but there are many places around this city that you can visit on short excursions. As a major rail junction, many major cities are easily accessible through Jhansi.


Fort of Jhansi

This fort was built in the 16th century on a rocky hilltop called Bangra. There are ten gates along the fort wall, giving access to the fort. Within the fort, you can see the Shiva temple and the Ganesh temple.

Rani Mahal (Queen s Palace)

Located near the Jhansi Fort, this palace is now a museum housing many artifacts from the 9th and 12th century. The Darbar Hall is decorated with bright colored paintings. There are various corridors, halls, and beautiful arches throughout the palace.

Government Museum

The museum itself houses many sculptures and paintings from different eras. Nearby, you can find some beautiful parks, open-air theatre, and the 1857 Mutiny Memorial, as well as a view of the Jhansi Fort.

St. Jude s Shrine

This shrine attracts many visitors and pilgrims, especially in the month of October for St. Jude s feast. St. Jude s bone is buried within this church.


This town located 30 minutes from Jhansi is full of architectural ruins. A visit here is a journey back in time, offering beautiful buildings and elegant chhatris (elevated dome-shaped pavilions) that line the banks of the river.

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