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One of the largest cities in Germany, Frankfurt is a financial center of Europe as well as Germany's transportation center, as it is located on the Main River. The full name of the city is Frankfurt am Main, which translates to "Franks' ford on the (river) Main." Having one of the world's busiest airport, Frankfurt is the gateway not only to Germany but also to many travelers to Europe.



This is the central area in downtown Frankfurt, where many of the older buildings are located (although most were destroyed during WWII and later rebuilt) as well as a church and the town hall. There are many cafes and shops at the square, where visitors can enjoy spending their day.

Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge)

This bridge was built in 1869 and is popular with pedestrians. Minutes away from Romerberg, visitors can cross it to reach Sachsenhousen, all while enjoying a great view of the famed Frankfurt skyline.


Sachsenhousen is the part of the city south of the river Main. The old part of town is famous for its old cider bars. Visitors can also walk along the bank of the river Main and go shopping for local specialties at Schweizer Street.

Based on your interest, we suggest the following tour packages which will provide you with the greatest enjoyment

The Best of Eastern Europe 12 Days 10 Nights(2014)[RED]

  • Tour Code:RED        Date:05/07/2014 ~ 10/01/2014
  • Price From:$2000.00 Land Only

Our exploration of Eastern Europe introduces you to many of the nations that once comprised the old Eastern Bloc during the days of the Cold War. Included in our package are visits to Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Embark on an adventure to experience the dynamic variety of sights and sounds that differ from what you’ve come to expect from the more economically developed Western European nations.

Please be advised that with effect from April 25, 2014 there will be a change in the complimentary travel insurance coverage and benefits provided with all our Vacation Series. All guests with full payments and bookings made after 04/25/2014 will be covered under the new travel protection plan that shall encompass benefits as detailed as in this link.

Visiting: Frankfurt(1 nts) - Wurzburg - Munich(1 nts) - Salzburg(1 nts) - Ljubljana(1 nts) - Postojna - Plitvice(1 nts) - Budapest(1 nts) - Vienna(1 nts) - Prague(2 nts) - Karlovy Vary - Frankfurt(1 nts)