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As the capital city of Hungary, Budapest is the largest city in the country and serves as its political, cultural, industrial, and commercial center. Budapest is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with its many World Heritage sites. Visitors will enjoy not only its rich history and architecture, but can also relax in the various mineral baths, as there are many geothermal springs found here.


Parliament Building

The Hungarian National Parliament building (Orszaghaz) is one of the largest in Europe and is situated on the Danube River. This landmark was built in the Gothic Revival style, with a central dome and a symmetrical facade. The Holy Crown of Hungary is displayed here.

Royal Palace

The most popular attraction on Castle Hill (Varhegy), the Royal Palace (Kiralyi palota) was actually never occupied by the Hungarian royal family. The palace is built in a neo-Baroque style and today houses several museums, including the National Gallery.

Matthias Church

This neo-gothic church is located within the Royal Palace and its rococo spire is an easily seen landmark. Its official name is the "Church of the Blessed Virgin" but is known as the Matthias Church since a popular Hungarian king, Matyas, held both of his weddings here.

Based on your interest, we suggest the following tour packages which will provide you with the greatest enjoyment

Prague, Vienna & Budapest 10 Days 9 Nights(2015)[RKS]

  • Tour Code:RKS        Date:04/24/2015 ~ 10/23/2015
  • Price From:$2184.00 Land Only

Come discover the richly woven history and cultures of Eastern Europe on this mesmerizing 10-day journey around three of its greatest cities — Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Experience the wondrous Bohemian ancestry of Prague, a treasure trove of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Hear the lilting notes of the classics in Vienna, one-time home of Strauss, Mozart and Beethoven, and step back in time in Hungary’s capital of Budapest, with its cobbled hills and castles overlooking the romantic Danube River.

Visiting: Prague(3 nts) - Vienna(3 nts) - Budapest(3 nts) 

Eastern European Panorama 13 Days 12 Nights(2015)[RKN]

  • Tour Code:RKN        Date:05/09/2015 ~ 10/03/2015
  • Price From:$2615.00 Land Only

Join us on our splendor-filled Eastern European Panorama tour and witness olden grandeur like never before. To journey through Austria, Hungary, Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic is to take a trip through deep, dense and sometimes dark history. Hear the music of Mozart in the air of Vienna, wonder at the Danube in Budapest, feel the spiritual grace of Krakow and admire glorious Prague. Along with mighty Warsaw and iconic Berlin, this is an unforgettable 13-day vacation experience.

Visiting: Vienna(2 nts) - Budapest(2 nts) - Krakow(2 nts) - Warsaw(2 nts) - Berlin(2 nts) - Prague(2 nts) 

Best of Eastern Europe 12 Days 10 Nights(2015)[RED]

  • Tour Code:RED        Date:04/08/2015 ~ 10/28/2015
  • Price From:$2000.00 Land Only

Take a journey of discovery to nations that were part of Europe’s Eastern Bloc during the Cold War. With their independence reborn and now at their most vibrant, these lands combine countless medieval delights with a sense of joyfulness that will seize your imagination. Come with us on this memorable 12-day tour and visit buzzing Frankfurt and Munich; trace Germany’s wondrous Romantic Road; relish the Baroque jewel of Salzburg; and admire the lovely cities of Ljubljana, Budapest, Vienna and Prague.

Visiting: Frankfurt(1 nts) - Wurzburg - Munich(1 nts) - Salzburg(1 nts) - Ljubljana(1 nts) - Postojna - Plitvice(1 nts) - Budapest(1 nts) - Vienna(1 nts) - Prague(2 nts) - Karlovy Vary - Frankfurt(1 nts)