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In the dynamic city of Shanghai, East and West don’t just meet, they collide. A booming metropolis at the forefront of China’s race for modernization, this port city is filled with stunning contrasts. Here, visitors can witness the glittering skyscrapers of Shanghai, visit a Ming Dynasty classical garden and enjoy luxury shopping on Nanjing Road, all in one day. From May 1st – Oct 31st, Shanghai will open its doors to the global community as the host of the 2010 World Expo. 994387


Nanjing Road

On the opposite end of Yu Garden lies Nanjing Road, the most luxurious pedestrian-only shopping strip in Shanghai. Nanjing Road is quintessential Shanghai with its bustling commercial activities; it is no wonder that this strip of shopping district is called a shopper s paradise! It is 3.7 miles long, making it the world s longest shopping district with over a million visitors daily. At night, the numerous neon lights decorate the skyline of Nanjing Road and beckon tourists to enjoy the nightlife that it has to offer.

The Bund

The Bund is one of the city s most recognizable architectural symbols and a representation of both old and new Shanghai. Located on the western bank of the Huangpu River, the 1 mile-long (1.5 km) waterfront boulevard was the site of some of the earliest foreign settlements. Today, this riverside row of brownstones enjoys a new vitality and is still home to many of the city s hotels, bars, and banks.

Yu Garden

Finished in 1577 in the Ming Dynasty, Yu Garden is a renowned classical garden located in Nanshi, Shanghai. Throughout its 400 years of history, it has undergone numerous restorations and was finally opened to the public in 1961.The 65,600 square feet (20,000 sq. m) garden is smaller than others of its kind, but its attractions and exquisite scenery are among the finest in China. Enclosed in an undulating dragon wall, the garden is filled with traditional Ming Dynasty pavilions, elaborate rockeries, ponds, and arched bridges.

Shanghai Museum

The sprawling Shanghai museum houses a comprehensive collection of over 120,000 relics of bronze works, calligraphy, and paintings. Located in the People s Square, the museum offers a wealth of knowledge of ancient Chinese art history.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Oriental Pearl Tower, measuring 1,536 feet, is the highest TV tower in Asia and the world s third tallest. Overlooking the Huangpu River, the Oriental Pearl Tower has been a staple on every tourist s Shanghai travel plans. The tower, resting on green pastures by the river, allures numerous visitors to travel up to the top of the sphere to view the splendor of the city.


Often known as the “Venice of the Orient,” the water village of Suzhou is located in the heart of the Yangtze Delta south of the Jiangsu Province. With over 2500 years of history, Suzhou contains a lingering charm reminiscent of its rich past. Its stunning classical gardens are among the finest in China and a cruise along the Grand Canal affords stunning views of ancient stone bridges, pagodas and breezy willow trees.

Acrobatics Show

A performance not to be missed, this acrobatics show presented by the Shanghai Acrobatics Troupe will captivate audiences both young and old. Acrobats display stunning feats of physical strength, balance, and skill as they juggle large porcelain urns with their feet, spin stacks of plates with ease, and tumble through the air.

Based on your interest, we suggest the following tour packages which will provide you with the greatest enjoyment

China Discovery 10 Days 8 Nights(2016)[RDX]

  • Tour Code:RDX        Date:07/08/2016 ~ 11/18/2016
  • Price From:$1699.00 Land Only

From ancient wonders to natural marvels, this compact journey will introduce you to three of China's most popular and diverse cities. Walk across Beijing's incredible Great Wall, gaze at stoic Terra-cotta warriors in Xian and experience the vibrant pulse of Shanghai on one of our best-selling itineraries.

Visiting: Beijing(3 nts) - Xian(2 nts) - Shanghai(3 nts) 

China Discovery & Hong Kong 12 Days 10 Nights(2016)[RDXH]

  • Tour Code:RDXH        Date:07/08/2016 ~ 11/18/2016
  • Price From:$2299.00 Land Only

Go beyond the ordinary with this spectacular journey to the undisputed capitals of the Far East that include Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Admire the passage of time through Beijing's  stunning World Heritage Sites, reflect upon the lives of those under the First Emperor in ancient Xian; uncover the remnants of European influences in cosmopolitan Shanghai; and experience the unrestrained lifestyles of Hong Kong.

Visiting: Beijing(3 nts) - Xian(2 nts) - Shanghai(3 nts) - Hong Kong(2 nts) 

Yangtze Essence 13 Days 11 Nights(2016)[RDV]

  • Tour Code:RDV        Date:07/10/2016 ~ 11/20/2016
  • Price From:$2299.00 Land Only

Experience the rich diversity of China on this 12-day trip through the country’s most famous cities and the mystical Yangtze River. Retrace the steps of ancient warriors as you walk along the Great Wall and step into the future among gleaming skyscrapers in Shanghai. Snap a photo with pandas in Chongqing and marvel at the inspiring Three Gorges. This journey showcases the manmade wonders and natural highlights of this unforgettable country

Visiting: Beijing(3 nts) - Yichang - Yangtze River Cruise(4 nts) - Chongqing - Xian(2 nts) - Shanghai(2 nts) 

Yangtze Essence & Hong Kong 15 Days 13 Nights (2016)[RDVH]

  • Tour Code:RDVH        Date:07/10/2016 ~ 11/20/2016
  • Price From:$2899.00 Land Only

Be invigorated by this pinnacle voyage that stimulates and rekindles your appreciation for adventure. Escape to China in style and venture through an array of cultural sights and attractions in Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Get ready to be awed by the magnificent cruise along the legendary Yangtze River as this journey will enrich you with more than a traveler’s tale.

Visiting: Beijing(3 nts) - Yichang - Yangtze River Cruise(4 nts) - Chongqing - Xian(2 nts) - Shanghai(2 nts) - Hong Kong(2 nts) 

China Scenic 12 Days 10 Nights(2016)[RDZ]

  • Tour Code:RDZ        Date:07/08/2016 ~ 11/18/2016
  • Price From:$2099.00 Land Only

This journey showcases China’s breathtaking natural scenery without missing its cultural and historical wonders. Sail along the Li River and witness breathtaking landscapes straight from ancient Chinese paintings.  Explore the dramatic rock formations in Guilin’s caves, walk in the footsteps of warriors on the Great Wall and gaze at the futuristic skyline of Shanghai.

Visiting: Beijing(3 nts) - Xian(2 nts) - Guilin(1 nt) - Guilin(1 nt) - Yangshuo - Shanghai(3 nts) 

China Scenic & Hong Kong 14 Days 12 Nights(2016)[RDZH]

  • Tour Code:RDZH        Date:07/08/2016 ~ 11/18/2016
  • Price From:$2699.00 Land Only

Experience front-row seats to China's most extraordinary cities and let your senses run wild as you travel in style and comfort. A journey well-tailored for even the most intrepid voyager, this scenic tour will take you through unique cultural sites, legendary relics and monuments, and it will make your dream a reality as you discover the astounding landscapes and skylines of this diverse nation.

Visiting: Beijing(3 nts) - Xian(2 nts) - Guilin(1 nt) - Guilin(1 nt) - Yangshuo - Shanghai(3 nts) - Hong Kong(2 nts) 

Scenic Yangtze Discovery 16 Days 14 Nights(2016)[RDR]

  • Tour Code:RDR        Date:07/09/2016 ~ 11/19/2016
  • Price From:$2699.00 Land Only

This voyage is a must for any adventurous traveler who aspires to explore China and the mighty Yangtze River to its fullest. A journey to China is incomplete without this impressive itinerary that covers it all - memorable explorations to ancient civilizations, comprehensive guides about the history and culture of each city, sampling of traditional cuuisines, and admmittance to spectacular entertainment.

Visiting: Beijing(4 nts) - Yichang - Yangtze River Cruise(4 nts) - Chongqing - Xian(2 nts) - Guilin(2 nts) - Yangshuo - Shanghai(2 nts) 

Tibet Highland 14 Days 12 Nights (2016)[RDT]

  • Tour Code:RDT        Date:07/08/2016 ~ 10/21/2016
  • Price From:$2600.00 Land Only

Visit some of China's most renowned cities and uncover the mystique of Tibet as you witness its ancient rituals and practices. Discover the sights and sounds of the most important river in the culture of China as you cruise down the majestic Yangtze River. From world famous culinary cuisine and entertainment to the natural beauty of vast and diverse landscapes, this is a trip of a lifetime.

Visiting: Beijing(3 nts) - Xian(2 nts) - Lhasa(3 nts) - Chengdu(2 nts) - Shanghai(2 nts) 

Shanghai 2 nights 3 days (2016)[SHA PKG]

  • Tour Code:SHA PKG        Date:03/31/2016 ~ 03/30/2017
  • Price From:$270.00 Land Only

In the dynamic city of Shanghai, East and West don't just meet, they collide. A booming metropolis at the forefront of China's race for modernization, this port city is filled with stunning contrasts. Here, visitors can witness the glittering skyscrapers of Shanghai, visit a Ming Dynasty classical garden and enjoy luxury shopping on Nanjing Road, all in one day.

Visiting: Shanghai(2 nts) 

China Charm 8 Nights 10 Days (2016)[RDC]

  • Tour Code:RDC        Date:07/13/2016 ~ 12/07/2016
  • Price From:$1499.00

A fantastic 10-day journey that showcases the cultural charm and sights of China's key cities of Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi and Shanghai. Marvel at the impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Beijing, admire the beauty of Hangzhou, stroll through the tranquility of the classical garden in Suzhou, and mingle among friendly locals in the Shanghai metropolis. All these and more make this vacation the most memorable ever.

Visiting: Beijing(3 nts) - Shanghai - Hangzhou(2 nts) - Suzhou - Wuxi(1 nt) - Shanghai(2 nts)