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   03/14/2014 Ritz Tours Lucky Draw Winner: David L. Eng, Aliso Viejo, CA

 March 15, 2014, Alhambra, CA The 2014 Ritz Tours Lucky Draw drew almost 900 entries .... more

   01/27/2014 Happy New Year Of The Horse

  HAPPY NEW YEAR! .... more

   11/11/2013 Veterans Day Price Roll Back For Those Who Served & More!

Here Is A Price Roll Back In Honor Of Veterans Of Our Great Country! For Veterans and All: .... more
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Welcome to RITZ Tours!
We’re entering our 34th year of continuous operations and our mission remains the same; to put the full might of our knowledge and experience to serve our clients, and provide an amazing and memorable vacation of a life time to our clients. Please take the time to compare the 2014 products featured on our website with the competition. As always, we welcome and expect comparisons to what’s out there. We are confident that when placed side-by-side with others, Ritz Tours will stand head and shoulders above the rest. We look forward to hosting your dream international vacation in 2014 and welcoming you on your next great adventure to China, South East Asia, Egypt, India, Europe and South Africa!