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Having settled in the Balkans in the early 7th century, the Croats have had a long and rich history. Croatia offers a mix of old world Eastern European charm and relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere. Visitors will not only enjoy the incredible architecture and the old buildings that have survived throughout the centuries, but also the magnificent natural settings of forests, lakes, mountains, and the hundreds of islands off the coast of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea. The beauty of the Croatian coastline with its coastal Renaissance towns attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.



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The Adriatic coast of Croatia has a Mediterranean climate and experiences a mild temperature year round. Inland, there is a more mountainous climate with hot summers and cold snowy winters.


The official language of Croatia is Croatian, which is very similar to Polish and Czech. Many Croatians speak English as a second


National Holidays and Festivals
National Holidays:
January 1 – New Year’s Day
January 6 – Epiphany
Varies in April – Easter
May 1 – Labor Day
60 days after Easter – Corpus Christi
June 22 – Anti-Fascist Struggle Day
June 25 – Statehood Day
August 5 – Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day
October 8 – Independence Day
December 25 – Christmas Day 


The official currency of Croatia is the kuna (HRK). One kuna is divided into 100 lipa. The exchange rate as of July 2010 is 5.55 kunas to US$1.

Credit cards are widely accepted at the major hotels and restaurants and there are ATMs throughout the major cities.

In most cases, tip and taxes are usually included in your bill so tipping is not necessary. However, it would be appropriate to tip if you have a large group or excellent service.

Spending more that 500 kunas allows you to be eligible for a PDV (VAT) tax return when leaving the country. When you make your purchase, ask the salesperson for a PDV-P form, fill it out, and have it stamped by them.

Electrical Requirements
230V 50Hz; 2-pin rounded plugs or the CEE-7/7 or Schuko plug