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A land-locked country in Central Europe, Hungary is a diverse destination offering mountains and plains, rivers and lakes. Hungary is home to the largest thermal water cave system, which explains there passion for spas. Visitors can come to enjoy the thermal waters as there are over a thousand thermal springs and many public baths throughout the country; or visit the capital for an exciting nightlife; or take in Hungary’s vivid culture through its many museums and beautiful villages.



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Due to its continental climate, Hungary’s rainfall frequency is unpredictable and occurs throughout the year. Seasons are distinct with winter being bitterly cold and snowy, with temperatures below zero, and summers being very hot with heavy rains.


The official language of Hungary is Hungarian, considered one of the most difficult "European" languages for English speakers to learn. Although English is now required in schools, most Hungarians do not speak it.

National Holidays and Festivals
National Holidays:
January 1 – New Year’s Day
March 15 – 1848 Revolution Day
Varies in April – Easter
May 1 – Labor Day
Varies – Pentecost
August 20 – St.Stephen Day
October 23 – 1956 Memorial Day
November 1 – All Saints Day
December 25 – Christmas Day


The official currency is the Forint (HUF). The Hungarian cent (the Fillér) has long been obsolete. The exchange rate as of July 2010 is 217.5 forint to US$1.

Credit cards are accepted in most major shops and restaurants and there are ATMs throughout the country.

Gratuity may or may not be included in the bill, depending on where you are. Check before leaving the standard 10% tip.

Bargaining is not typical here.

Electrical Requirements
230/50Hz; 2-pin rounded plugs