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Czech Republic

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has had a rich and eventful history, with many occupations, wars, and dissolution. A small land-locked nation in Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic’s culture has been influenced by its neighboring countries and their people. Visitors can enjoy the many architectural treasures found here from ancient castles, monasteries, and mansions. The country also offers many natural beauties such as the majestic mountains and lush forests.



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Czech Republic experiences a temperate continental climate with hot rainy summers and cold snowy winters.


The official language here is Czech. Often, the Slovak language can be heard due to the large Slovak minority population and both languages are mutually intelligible. Among older people, German is a widely spoken second language. English is more known among younger people as they must learn it in school.

National Holidays and Festivals

National Holidays:
January 1 – Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State
Varies in April – Easter
May 1 – Labor Day
May 8 – Liberation Day
July 5 – Saints Cyril and Methodius Day
July 6 – Jan Hus Day
September 28 – Czech Statehood Day
October 28 – Independent Czechoslovak State Day
November 17 – Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day
December 25 – Christmas Day


The official currency is the Czech crown, known locally as the Koruna (CZK). The subdivision is the haler (at 100 halers per koruna). The exchange rate as of July 2010 is 18.99 K? to US$1.

Credit cards are accepted at major stores and in major cities and there are ATMs throughout the major cities.

Tipping is expected from foreign visitors at around 10%. Locals will usually simply round up to the nearest 5 or 10.

Electrical Requirements

230/50Hz; 2-pin round plugs