Visiting:Beijing(2 nts) - Hohhot(2 nts) - Grassland - Baotou(1 nt) - Eerduosi(1 nt) - Yinchuan(2 nts) - Zhongwei(1 nt) 

Inner Mongolia conjures up the image of the world famous Mongol Tribe, the nomadic lifestyle and herds of horse and sheep roaming the grasslands. Visit Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and travel through the grassland, feasting on local delicacies, experience the 700-year traditional wedding ceremony, the aural phenomenon at Resonant Sand Bay, and the Tomb of Genghis Kahn. Travel to Ningxia, take a sheepskin raft cruise down the Yellow River, and visit the Western Xia Tombs and later the museum to learn about its history and culture.

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Day 1   |  USA-Beijing 

Board an international flight bound for Beijing, and start our China vacation.

Day 2   |  Arrive-Beijing 

Arrive Beijing, the capital of modern-day China. Met by our tour guide and transferred to hotel.

Day 3   |  Beijing-Hohhot  (AB, L, DP)

Board a flight bound for Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Upon arrival, we transfer to our comfortable hotel. We are free at leisure in the rest of the day. For dinner the traditional unique dish - Roasted Mutton Legs will be served

Day 4   |  Hohhot-Grassland  (AB, L, DS)

Begin our day by touring the vast grassland and pastures. Taste the unique local food for lunch. Watch the locals in horse riding, wrestling and archery. After a Mongolian lamb dinner, enjoy the graceful Mongolian singing and dancing. At night we stay in mushroom-like yurts.

Day 5   |  Grassland-Hohhot  (B, L, DP)

Take last look of the glassland before heading back to city Hohhot. Our city tour features visit to Dazhao Lamasery. Followed by a visit to Five Pagoda Temple and the General s Official Residence of Suiyuan. For diner, a delicious roasted whole lamb will be served.

Day 6   |  Hohhot-Baotou  (B, L, DP)

Journey by bus to Baotou. The city orientation tour shows us the Meidaizhao. Next visit to Wudangzhao, a vast complex and used to be the residence of the highest ranking lama in Inner Mongolia and now it is the only intact Tibetan Buddhist monastery in inner Mongolia. For dinner, the famous local cuisine - Carp from Yellow River will be prepared.

Day 7   |  Baotou-Eerduosi  (B, L, D)

Today we experience a natural phenomenon by visiting the Resonant Sand Bay in Eerduosi. Slidinng down from the 90 meters high and 45 degrees sand hill, one can hear the sounds like automobile and aircraft engines, a phenomenon nobody can explain. Watch the 700-year traditional local wedding ceremony is another fun experience.

Day 8   |  Eerduosi-Yinchuan  (B, L, D)

Continue our tour to Tomb of Genghis Khan, the great leader of the Mongol Tribe. The coffins containing the remains of the Khan and his wife are enshrined in bedroom palace behind the memorial hall in the center of three interconnected hall in the design of Mongolian yurts. Later, take a bus to Yinchuan, the capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

Day 9   |  Yinchuan-Zhongwei  (B, L, D)

Proceed to Zhongwei. Visit the 108 Buddhist Pagodas which range in height from 3.5 to 2.5 meters, fashioned in three shapes (pyramid, ground and vase) and arranged on a rising mountain slope in rows of increasing odd numbers to from a colossal triangle. Next, visit Gaomiao and enjoy an exciting cruise along the Yellow River by sheepskin raft.

Day 10   |  Zhongwei-Yinchuan  (B, L, DP)

Back to city of Yinchuan, our tour starts with a visit to Western Xia Tombs. Continue to Western Xia Museum to learn more of its history and culture. Later, see the cliff carvings in Helan Mountian. For dinner the tastefully Lamb Hot Pot will be served.

Day 11   |  Beijing-Yinchuan  (B, L, DP)

Board a flight bound for Beijing and enjoy a full-day of leisure. For dinner, we indulge in local specialty cuisine.

Day 12   |  Beijing-USA  (AB)

Board our international flight for home
AB = Full American Breakfast  B = Breakfast at hotel or on cruise
L = Lunch  LH = Lunch at hotel
D = Dinner at Local Restaurant  DH = International Buffet Dinner at Hotel  DP = Special Dinner Party  
DS = Dinner and show