Yangtze Essence 12 Days 10 Nights(2014)[RDV]Tour Code:RDV

Visiting:Beijing(3 nts) - Xian(2 nts) - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise(3 nts) - Yichang - Shanghai(2 nts) 

Experience the rich diversity of China on this 12-day trip through the country’s most famous cities and the mystical Yangtze River. Retrace the steps of ancient warriors as you walk along the Great Wall and step into the future among gleaming skyscrapers in Shanghai. Snap a photo with pandas in Chongqing and marvel at the inspiring Three Gorges. This journey showcases the manmade wonders and natural highlights of this unforgettable country

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Day 1   |  USA – Beijing, China 

The wonders of the mighty Yangtze River await you. China’s most important waterway bristles with history, commerce and culture. As you board your flight to Beijing, prepare to encounter the marvelous sights and sounds of China.

Day 2   |  Arrive in Beijing 

Greeted by your expert guide, your first day in China gives you the opportunity to relax and acclimate yourself to your exciting new environment. Casually explore the city or just unwind at the hotel.

Day 3   |  Beijing  (AB, L, DP)

Your exploration of China’s capital begins in Tiananmen Square. Among the world’s greatest city squares, Tiananmen Square can accommodate 600,000 people and has been the site of pivotal moments in China’s history. Immediately to the north, you arrive at the Forbidden City*, so called because historically none could enter without royal permission. From the city center, travel to the Summer Palace* and then on to the Olympic sites to snap exterior photos of the 91,000 seat Bird’s Nest stadium and the stunning Water Cube aquatics center. Enjoy the famous Peking Duck dinner at night.

Day 4   |  Beijing  (AB, L)

Leaving the political and cultural heart of central Beijing, you journey to the incomparable Great Wall* of China. This 4000 mile-long fortification has stood watch over China’s northern border for nearly three millennia. Take in its breathtaking views before traversing the ornately decorated Sacred Way* .

Day 5   |  Beijing – Xian  (AB, DH)

Described by UNESCO as a “masterpiece of architecture and landscape,” your stay in Beijing concludes at the Temple of Heaven*. Here at the imperial altar, you are awestruck by the Temple’s history and construction, evoking the ancient connection between Humanity and the Heavens. Continuing your exploration into China’s wonders, you board a short flight to the “Eternal City” of Xian, so named because its isolated location has allowed it to preserve much of its 3,000-year history.

Day 6   |  Xian  (AB, L, DS)

8,000 strong, the Terra Cotta Army* represents a military regiment of life-sized statues commissioned by China’s first emperor. On orders to protect him in the afterlife, you’ll look into the eyes of these expertly crafted warriors and be astonished at their eternal obligation. Then travel on to the Ming Dynasty City Wall*, the most intact city wall in China, and the Big Wild Goose Pagoda*. As the day ends, you join your fellow explorers for dining and entertainment at the Imperial Dumpling Dinner and the Tang Dynasty Show.

Day 7   |  Xian - ChongqingYangtze River Cruise  (AB, L, D)

Delving deeper into the magnificence of China, you fly to Chongqing to board the Yangtze River cruise. Interwoven with mountains and rivers, the emerging megacity of Chongqing is one of China’s economic hubs. And also the home of giant pandas! Make picture stop at Great Hall of the People and visit these exceptional animals at the Chongqing Zoo before embarking on your awe-inspiring expedition along China’s longest river. Your Yangtze River journey will be aboard the well-appointed Executive Deck of Victoria Cruises, the only American cruise line currently sailing China’s Yangtze.

Day 8   |  Yangtze River Cruise  (B, L, D)

Downstream from Chongqing, your first shore excursion is the ghost city of Fengdu, visiting either the “Ghost City”, known for its statues of ghosts and devils on Mingshan Hill, or the new relocation village built for families who have moved as a result of the Yangtze’s rising waters brought about the Three Gorges Dam.

Day 9   |  Yangtze River Cruise  (B, L, D)

Carved deep into the landscape, you arrive at the focal point of your river journey – the Three Gorges. World renown for their scenic beauty, the Three Gorges of the Yangtze are also historically critical as commercial and cultural epicenters. The smallest of the three, Qutang Gorge appears first. You’ll quickly discover that what Qutang lacks in size, it makes up for in spectacular canyons and dazzling switchbacks. Qutang is followed in sharp contrast by the serene beauty of the 25-mile long Wu Gorge. Your cruise along Wu Gorge’s gentle splendor leads to a small boat excursion to The Goddess Stream or Shennong Stream or the Daning River Small Gorges, depending of river conditions. Re-boarding your main ship, you enter the Xiling Gorge. The longest and deepest of the Three, you sail the Xiling through the ship-locks of the Three Gorges Dam.

Day 10   |  Yangtze River Cruise – YichangShanghai  (B, L)

Before concluding your exploration of the Yangtze, you’ll disembark at the Three Gorge Dam. This massive engineering accomplishment is not only the world’s largest power station, but also a visual sight to behold. From here, you sail the remaining distance to the city of Yichang, where you board a flight to the showpiece of modern China, Shanghai.

Day 11   |  Shanghai  (AB, DS)

The ambitious and futuristic city of Shanghai is the world’s largest city proper. As you explore its landscape, you’ll discover the elegant waterfront of the Bund, City God Temple Bazaar, and the peaceful halls of Yu Garden*. In this bustling city, the world-class shopping district of Nanjing Road completes your day tour before you retire to dinner and the soaring spectacle of the Chinese Acrobatics Show.

Day 12   |  Shanghai – USA  (AB)

Reflecting on your many remarkable experiences, you board your homebound flight to the US. If your spirit of adventure is not quite ready to conclude its journey, an optional trip extension is available to the fascinating city of Taipei.
AB = Full American Breakfast  B = Breakfast at hotel or on cruise
L = Lunch  LH = Lunch at hotel
D = Dinner at Local Restaurant  DH = International Buffet Dinner at Hotel  DP = Special Dinner Party  
DS = Dinner and show