Suzhou Information and Travel Tips to Plan your Suzhou Vacation


Often known as the "Venice of the Orient," the historic city of Suzhou is located in the heart of the Yangtze Delta south of the Jiangsu Province. Beautiful stone bridges, pagodas and classical gardens line the canals that highlight this ethereal city. With over 2500 years of history, Suzhou is a well-preserved city with a lingering charm reminiscent of its rich past. Its nine classical gardens (dating from the 9th to 11th century) are among the most famous in China and are regarded as masterpieces of the genre.


Humble Administrator s Garden

One of China s four great gardens, this site was originally a scholar garden which later turned into a monastery garden and later into a private villa. The various pavilions and bridges connect the many islands and pools, as the area is one-third covered by water.

Fishing-Net Master s Garden

One of the smallest but most beautiful gardens in Suzhou, this garden truly shows the skills of its designer. The use of water, rocks, plants, and timber makes the Fishing-Net Master s Garden almost perfectly proportioned and aesthetically pleasing.

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A fantastic 10-day journey that showcases the cultural charm and sights of China's key cities of Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi and Shanghai. Marvel at the impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Beijing, admire the beauty of Hangzhou, stroll through the tranquility of the classical garden in Suzhou, and mingle among friendly locals in the Shanghai metropolis. All these and more make this vacation the most memorable ever.

Visiting: BEIJING(3 nts) - SHANGHAI - HANGZHOU(2 nts) - SUZHOU - WUXI(1 nt) - SHANGHAI(2 nts)