The third largest of Thailand’s 76 provinces, Kanchanaburi is located west of Bangkok and was originally established as a first line of defense against the Burmese. It is situated on the famous River Kwai and is home to the Bridge on the River Kwai, immortalized by the book and film by the same name.


JEATH Museum

The museum was named for the main nationalities involved in the construction of the Death Railway: Japanese, English, Australian, Thai, and Dutch and is one of two war museums about the railway construction.

Tiger Temple

This temple tends to many wild animals, including tigers that can be petted by visitors. There are over 50 tigers that are overseen by caretakers and a monk. Although the site receives many visitors, it is controversial in that there has been cases of mauling and reports of animal abuse.

Kra Sae Cave

The Death Railway passes by this cave, which lies in a very scenic area. Inside the cave, one can find an image of Lord Buddha.

Bridge over the River Kwai

For many visitors, this iron bridge is the main attraction as it was made famous by the movie and novel. Built by POWs working for the Japanese during the second World War, this is part of the infamous Death Railway to Burma so named for the thousands who died during its construction.

Taweechai Elephant Camp

One of the largest elephant camps in Kanchanaburi, it is home to approximately 30 elephants and offers elephant rides, bathing, and training as well as bamboo rafting for visitors.

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