9 Tips For Taking Incredible Travel Photos

Last Updated August 22, 2023

Whether you’re on vacation with your family or your significant other, you’ll want to capture the memories of the amazing trip you’re on. To do this, use these 9 tips for taking incredible travel photos!

1) Choose an Interesting Spot

Choose an interesting spot or object for the foreground of the photo. Something that gives a sense of place or provides some context about where you are in that moment. Take a look at your trip's itinerary ahead of time and look up some of the sights you'll see.

2) Find the Perfect Time of Day

The time of day that you choose to take your pictures will have a huge impact on the mood and feel of your photos. Try to find a time that captures the light in a way that is flattering, while also being true to the location. If it's sunrise or sunset, these are obviously perfect times as well. If it's a cloudy day and there are no shadows from sunlight on any of your subjects then it's likely not going to be very aesthetically pleasing, however, this could make for an interesting photo. Give it a try!

3) Use the Right Lense

There are so many different types of lenses out there, but the ones you should have with you on your next trip are a wide-angle and a telephoto. If you're only using your cell phone then explore the various settings. Many phones are able to replicate the lenses of a digital camera.

4) Get Down Low or Up High

Get down low to capture a new perspective. Get up high to see the bigger picture. Look for symmetry in your surroundings. Photograph people to show how they interact with their environment. Get close-up shots of details that can tell a story, like clothes or items on a table.

5) Experiment with Camera Modes

Experiment with your camera's different modes. Most cameras have at least three: auto, program mode, and manual. Auto is the simplest and easiest for beginners to use. Program mode allows you to choose your aperture, shutter speed, ISO (sensitivity), and white balance settings. Manual mode lets you control all these settings yourself while also giving you the option of using a tripod or setting a timer. Experiment with different combinations and see what works best for you!

6) Be Patient and Wait for the Perfect Moment

The first tip for taking great travel pictures is to be patient and wait for the perfect moment. There are so many beautiful scenes out there, but if you wait for the perfect one it will make your photos that much more impactful. This is especially true with landscapes, since they change over time and light.

7) Include People in Your Photos

It's important to remember to include people in your photos. Otherwise, all you have is a bunch of beautiful scenery with no one in it. Unless you're intentionally trying to show the emptiness of humanity or something, there should always be people in your photos.

8) Look for Contrasting Colors

To take a great travel photo, you want to find colors that contrast well. This could be something as simple as a blue sky and green leaves, or something more drastic like the red-orange of the sun setting on a snow-covered mountain range. When you focus on contrasting colors, your photo will pop off the page and make people feel like they're there with you.

9) Take Pictures of What Interests You Most

While visiting a new place, be sure to take pictures of what interests you most. This can be anything from a famous landmark to the food on your plate. The more unique and personal your shots are, the better! When you look back on your trip, you'll want to remember your experience and not just what famous landmarks you were able to capture.

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