How To Stay Entertained On A Long Flight

Last Updated August 22, 2023

If you’re taking an intercontinental flight, it’s important to be prepared for the long journey ahead. The last thing you want to do when you’re just a few hours away from your destination is to get bored and lose your focus. Here are seven ways to keep yourself entertained throughout your flight so that you can arrive feeling relaxed and refreshed rather than exhausted and cranky.

1) Watch An Entertaining Movie

Passengers are often faced with the challenge of finding something interesting to watch as they take off and land. Watching an entertaining movie is one way of keeping yourself entertained during the time you're sitting in your seat. Most flights have free in-flight movies available. But if you want to make sure you have your favorite movies then you'll want to download your movies to your phone, tablet, or laptop beforehand unless you're going to pay for WiFi on the flight. If you prefer music or audiobooks then be sure to have those downloaded!

2) Play In-Flight Games

A lot of flights offer in-flight entertainment these days, but if you're not lucky enough to be flying with an airline who does, then it's time for some old-school fun. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained on a long flight if you're willing to get creative. From games like card games and word games to arts and crafts, there are tons of things that can pass the time. Or you could use the opportunity as a perfect chance to catch up on your reading list! Crossword puzzles and word searches can pass the time too.

3) Snack On Healthy Foods

The key to staying healthy while traveling is finding snacks that are both filling and nutritious. High-protein and high-fiber bars are a good choice, as are bananas and apples. The best part about these snacks is that you can take them with you on the plane (or in your carry-on) without having to worry about the hassle of going through security. Choose water and tea over soda and alcoholic beverages. Staying hydrated will help prevent muscle aches and headaches.

4) Write A Journal

Writing in a journal is a great way to keep yourself entertained and make your journey more memorable. Keeping a journal can help you process thoughts, feelings, and ideas about the things that have about traveling and where you're going. It’s also a good way for you to take note of important events or things you want to remember in the future. And don't worry if writing doesn't come naturally to you, there are many types of journals with different formats which will give you inspiration and encouragement. Journals with prompts are great to help you get the creative energy flowing.

5) Meditate

You can also use meditation to stay calm and focused. If you're new to meditating, try starting with just a five minute guided meditation. If you don't have a preferred fitness app then you can look up a guided meditation on YouTube. Trouble sleeping on flights? Try a longer sleep mediation. You'd be surprised how quickly you'll fall asleep or at least be able to relax a bit more. Music is great for calming your nerves and blocking out the noise of other people talking or babies crying. There are mediations that use music instead of an instructor guiding you. With a long flight, you'll have plenty of time to find out which type of mediation works best for you.

6) Sleep Early

One of the best ways to stay entertained on a long flight is to get plenty of rest. Sleeping at least four hours before your flight will ensure you don't feel groggy during the trip. It may sound simple, but by getting enough sleep before your flight you can avoid some of the common pitfalls that come with in-flight boredom and discomfort. A study by National Sleep Foundation found that one of the main factors preventing people from sleeping well on a plane is being seated next to someone who snores or has an annoying habit like clicking their pen incessantly. A great way to deal with this type of situation is to switch seats if possible or consider bringing noise cancelling headphones for peace and quiet.

7) Get Up And Move Around

The cabin is pressurized, so you don't need to worry about pressure changes affecting your ears or sinuses. Instead of sitting in one spot for the entire flight, get up and stretch your legs once an hour or so. That's good for circulation and helps reduce stiffness. If you're sitting by the window, look outside every now and then for a change of scenery (even if it's just clouds). Or focus on something inside the plane that moves around: curtains, tarmac lights, floorboards. If possible, upgrade to a more spacious section of the flight. Being able to stretch your legs and have personal space makes a big difference.

We hope these tips help you have a more enjoyable flight. Safe travels!

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