Top Travel Hacks Seasoned Travelers Know

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Beyond simple tips and tricks that lend themselves to all sorts of travel we find ourselves in the land of “hacks” – those sometimes strange but oft times wonderful secrets that only the pros know about! From how you pack your gear, to how you choose your shoes, there is a plethora of information available specific for each of your travel destinations. Use these hacks to keep you from looking the part of the tourist on your next adventure.


Giant Bag = Giant Tourist

You are no doubt used to picking brand new outfits and sparkling clean clothes out each day. This is a convenience of the home, but an inconvenience on the road.  Clothing is bulky and heavy, forcing you to carry twice as much weight as you might with better chosen apparel.  Do yourself a favor, and do some laundry in the sink, or even send it out if you will be in the same hotel for a couple days. It sounds so simple, but many people fail to heed this advice and end up with twice as much baggage as more seasoned travelers.

Should you be unable to find a laundry service, or your hotel doesn’t offer one, laundry by sink is a tried and true travel hack, one usable on almost any adventure. With this method it’s possible to take as little as two outfits out for any length of adventure- though I would strongly recommend taking more than two unless you are up to a minimalist challenge.

Sensible Shoes

Footwear is one place you must work hard to get right. At home you have the luxury of being able to store an infinite number of shoes, boots, and sandals, but out on the road the reality is much different. Shoes are incredibly heavy, and frequently very specific (dress shoes, work shoes, walking shoes, etc.). You want to avoid specificity and try to find a great all-purpose pair of hiking or walking shoes that are extremely comfortable. While it’s possible to make adjustments on the road, nothing is worse than a fresh set of blisters during travel.  Look for a light-weight shoe with a solid insole (or add your own custom insole), and mesh so that they breathe in humidity. Another packing hack - socks or small items can be rolled up and stored in your shoes in your suitcase. 

Pack for the weather and avoid the “what-ifs”

When traveling to warm destinations with pools or beaches, pack your swim suits, light layers and a thin jacket. If you’re visiting cold places, bring a few warm thermals and long-sleeve layers in addition to your warm jacket. Try to avoid the “what-if” situations that wil end up weighing down your suitcase. Remember you can always purchase most necessities on the road if you truly need to. Another place to save on weight and clutter is on your choice of outerwear.  When choosing a jacket you will want one with zipper-pockets, at least one interior pocket, wind/rain resistant, and large enough you can fit over other layers in the event of a cold day. 

Carrying Cash

Another common mistake is for a person to keep all of their cash in one large roll of bills. This means that every time you have a transaction you will be running the risk of dropping/losing all of your local currency.

Carry a small amount of cash in an easy to reach place and always store the bulk of your cash in a small hidden wallet or money belt against your body, not in your back pocket, or in a bag that is easy to lose track of. Only access this reserve cash when you are in a private or secure location.

Charge your electronics

It might be slightly bulky to pack, but if you have multiple electronic devices consider bringing a small power strip with you. This way you only need to use one travel socket adapter to plug into a wall and you can charge your other devices using the original US plugs. 

This list is by no means comprehensive, but by following the tips outlined above you will improve your overall experience by traveling lighter and smarter! Your luggage will be of a more manageable size, your clothing will always be fresh, and you enjoy the luxury of traveling light. 

Safe and happy travels to you!



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