About Us

About Us

Welcome to our family-run business. 
Welcome to vacations where you feel like part of the family.


Back in 1980, Martin and Carlota opened a tiny office in downtown Los Angeles, California, selling air tickets.


As sales increased, Martin and Carlota branched out, expanding their operations into escorted tours and growing into a global travel company known as Ritz Tours.


One by one, offices opened in different continents worldwide. One by one, the company launched escorted tours to the world’s most exciting destinations.

Over 40 years later, Martin and Carlota still own Ritz Tours, running the company as a family business with teams in the US, UK and Asia. 

Feel like part of the family worldwide

As a business, we hold our family-run values close. We make great service, integrity, quality and affordability part of everything we do. So when you travel with us, you feel like part of the family, knowing that your happiness is our top priority.


We also understand your time is precious. So we create our itineraries with the greatest care, using exceptional local knowledge of each destination.


That way, you get the best from each place you visit. And you also get the rich cultural encounters and insider insights that create enduring travel memories.


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