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Visas & Passports

General Info

Secure Flight Overview

Secure Flight is a behind the scenes program that enhances the security of domestic and international commercial air travel through the use of improved watch list matching. By collecting additional passenger data, it will improve the travel experience for all airline passengers, including those who have been misidentified in the past.
When passengers travel, they will be required to provide the following Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) to their airline
when making a reservation:
1. Name as it appears on government-issued I.D. when traveling
2. Date of Birth
3. Vouchers (if applicable)
4. Gender
5. Redress Number (if available)
The airline will transmit this information to Secure Flight, who uses it to perform watch list matching. This serves to prevent individuals on the No Fly List from boarding an aircraft and to identify individuals on the Selectee List for enhanced screening. After matching passenger information against government watch lists, Secure Flight transmits the matching results back to airlines.

Travel Documents / Tickets

In general, all travel documents will be sent to you 21 days prior to departure via 2nd day priority. Overnight delivery can be arranged at additional cost. If we obtained the entry visa for you, the passport will be sent with the travel documents.

Miscellaneous Reminders

- Please keep an eye on your valuables at all time. Watch out for pickpockets while sightseeing.
- Bring name and phone number of an emergency contact.
- Read your itinerary and hotel information before departure. Leave a copy of your itinerary and hotel list with your family.
- For special requests (China domestic flight reservation, flight change & confirmation, Hong Kong & China hotel reservation etc.), please have all arrangements made with your travel agency before departure. Ritz Tours does not take any responsibilities for itinerary deviations or bookings made by other travel agencies.
- Individual domestic flights in China must be re-confirmed at the airlines office (of the departing city) 3 days prior to departure. Re-confirmation by phone is not accepted. Since you may not have sufficient time for re-confirmation after arrival in a city, Ritz Tours can help by arranging to have the ticket issued locally and re-confirmed.
-Three-person hotel occupancy means 2 adults sharing a regular double room with a child. No extra bed is added. Hotel rooms in China are generally smaller then those in North America. Hotel charges extra for adding a bed. Please take into consideration the comfort of your traveling party and the length of the trip when request a triple room hotel occupancy.