Please note: any passenger name change made to a reservation after it has been booked will result in a fee subject to additional airline surcharges. If airline tickets have been issued, you will be required to pay a refund penalty and book a new reservation might have additional airline surcharges based on availabilityIf airline tickets have been issued, you will be required to pay a penalty and fare difference if tickets need to be reissued.
Flight times and schedules will vary based on your departure date, airline, and departure gateway. Flights will either be displayed at the time of booking if booking online for select China tours only. If flight information is not displayed at the time of booking, it will be emailed to you by our customer service team 30 to 50 days prior to departure.
You can either select your seats from the airline’s official website after we have issued your tickets or at the airline check-in counter on the day of your flight; or you may call the airline directly and pay them to pre-assign your seats. Most airlines will charge a fee for preferred seating and the amount will be shown when you check the airline’s website.
One or more flights are not available at our special group rate.  You may either pay the airline surcharge as shown or try a different departure date.

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